IM-Magic Partition Resizer Upgrade History

Release logs

1. Fix a problem with the installation package
2. Fix a lock screen error when cloning disks

Resizer -v7.0.0
1. Fixed the contempt translation of Russian in Ukrainian.
2. Add Greek language
3. Fix an interface assertion when the number of partitions is abnormally high.
4. Open uefi system partition adjustment

Resizer-v6.9.5 (Nov 3, 2023)
1. Update Dutch

1. Improve serial number verification
2. Fix error code 3119 ERR_FAT_CALC_DBR_INFO
3. Add some corrections to Romanian and Turkish languages

Resizer v6.9.1(Aug 23, 2023)
1. Polish interface and language correction

Resizer v6.9 (Aug 06, 2023)
1. Add Hebrew
2. Revise the translation of Italian, Polish, and Korean

Resizer -v6.8 (July 5, 2023)

1. Add Bulgarian and Ukrainian
2. Fixed the translation of French/Swedish
3. Fixed the translation of standard dialog box buttons and titles
4. Fix Failed to create the disk uuid file
5. Quick format Italian label width adjustment

Resizer -v6.4.0 (April 25, 2023)
1. Revised Turkish
2. Added Hungarian


March 2023
1. OS migration wizard added to help users migrate disk from old to new including the OS disk.
2. Added translations of Croatian.

1. Add Dutch language
2. Fix some translations of Italian/Korean/Traditional Chinese
3. Fix multilanguage of installer, some changes of installer
4. Verify the languages folder, if it is missing, the multi-language menu will not be loaded and the PE environment will not be loaded
5. Some modifications to the interface details

1. Add Portuguese language
2. Fix some English interface text


Dec 02, 2022
1. The release version left out the whole custom UAC.Manifest, add it back
2. Translation of all contents of how-to-do
3. Some translation text fixes
4. Translation of individual missing windows
5. Fix error code 0x00004653L, ERR_NTFS__COPY_MFT_FILE

Resizer -v6.0.0

Nov 2022
1. add 10 languages


Oct 10, 2022
1. add clone disk function
2. add the function of transferring dynamic disk to basic disk
3. fix some dynamic disk display problems
4. fix the conversion problem of 32-bit system

1. modify ReadUiConf, fix the problem that the interface is beyond the screen boundary due to the old configuration problem after upgrade, and fix a startup error
2. adjust the main interface

1. Fix error code, 4681, ERR_NTFS_BUILD_0X20_DATA
2. Fixed error code, 4645, ERR_NTFS_STREAM_MGR
3. fix an assertion for creating partitions on oversized disks

1. fix the error code of disk cloning and migration, Error text: ERR_NTFS_COPY_MFT_FILE
2. minor improvement of interface display
3. fix the assertion of U disk DBR_GPT partition
4. Fix the bug of UEFI boot disk

1. add hot copy function, disk clone and partition copy without reboot
2. fix ERR_NTFS_READ_NR_RUNS error code
3. fix some bugs of disk cloning and migration
4. fix a bug of <Optimize filesystem> function

1. U disk with MediaType as RemovableMedia usually has no partition table, if GPT partition table exists, inserting such disk will cause the interface to crash
2. Add disk SN to disk properties
3. display string error, Not Formated fixed to Not Formatted
4. Hint of disk model and SN will be displayed after mouse over the disk icon on top of Diskbar

1. fix ERR_NTFS_GET_META_RUNS error code caused by 4K sectors and $MFT_FILE residing 0x20 (new in last version to solve $MFT_FILE non-resident 0x20)
2. Build PE add Polish OS support

1. fixed: surface test function, select an uninitialized disk, select area to scan, report assertion.
2. fixed: <Optimize filesystem> function, $MFT_FILE itself is a multi-record case will lead to data corruption, RUNS$MFT$BITMAP will lead to volume bitmap error
3. fixed: Fix $MFT_FILE non-resident 0x20 attribute that causes data corruption, also causes Error Code 4653, Error text: ERR_NTFS__COPY_MFT_FILE

1. Add <Optimize filesystem> function.
It can fix Error Code 4653, ERR_NTFS_TOO_MANY_FRAGMENTS, Error Code 4653, Error text: ERR_NTFS_COPY_MFT_FILE caused by multiple record overflow.
It can also fix some common errors of the file system and enhance the performance of NTFS file system. 2.
2. improve Os version display
3. fix the display problem of bitlocker disk
4. support recognition of solid state drives, add MediaType to disk properties
5. In non-WINPE environment, the main interface can remember the position, status and size before the last closing
6. reconstruct part of the code
7. adjust the system disk then forced to reboot

1. fix a history ERR_NTFS_ALLOC_CLUST error
2. NTFS supports maximum 2M clusters for operating systems above WIN10
3. NTFS format, create, resize/move, copy operations support clusters over 64K in size
4. format, create, resize/move, copy add ERR_NTFS_BITMAP_SIZE error code
5. fix the error of BITMAP_SIZE detection failure of format function
6. Fix the serious bug that expanding the tail of NTFS beyond the maximum limit of bitmap may lead to bitmap corruption (in the case of calling WINDOWS API), and the non-API case shows progress jamming


1. Disk migration and copy function supports GPT disks with EFI boot partition
2. MakePE feature support for Portuguese language
3. Earliest Windows 10 will not boot because of missing ReleaseId in registry
4. refactor the code so that new Windows 10 releases no longer need to use ReleaseId to identify whether it is Windows 10 or 2016

1. Native environment, expand the end of the partition no longer call _extendNtfsVolume interface, reduce the incidence of ERR_GROW_PARTITION and ERR_EXTEND_VOLUME two errors
2. Special USB drives with partition tables support regular operations to resolve assertions
3. Windows10 1903/ 1909 display support
4. PE environment main interface to eliminate the redundant icons
5. Some other minor bugs

1. Remove vssMgr.exe from the installation package
2. Fix the error of UUID
3. Some interface display bugs

1.The partition in the title of the startup screen is missing a r
1. Fix the problem that the operation cannot be executed under the efi system, and the efi system is supported.

1. oem2 forget to delBootEntry under native, in addition, if the first delBootEntry fails, and accidentally enter native, add delAllBootEntries function to force BootExecute to restore to L "autocheck autochk *", one-time solution. May enter the native case every time you reboot
2. Forget to install core2.dll

1. all http to https

1. Bug of capturing WINPE under Windows 10
2.Creating partition in Unallocated space under 4M will be asserted, block the function of creating partition under 4M.
1. The interface can display Unallocated space of minimum 1M

1. Show version number under native

1.fixed, wipe free space function capacity prompt error
2.fixed, some string errors
3.fixed, if there are duplicate entries in the cluster chain of logical partition, it will cause mbrMgr.cpp LINE:150 assertion and return FALSE, so that subsequent partition table entries cannot be read in correctly, leading to various unknown problems, such as 4308_ERR_GROW_PARTITION error
4.fixed, windows server 2008 R2 version display error, internal version 6.1
5.fixed, $MFT there is 0x20 attribute, and $MFT $BITMAP is located in other sub-files will lead to misalignment
6.fixed, $MFT file record data is very large, will lead to DWORD overflow
1. add a separate 64-bit version.

2.BlockExBox1 cannot be displayed on GPT disk.
3. an assertion trigged when creating partition in resizer.
4.fixed display bugs in mwDiskBarlist and volTreeview.

1. Fix the problem of repeated activation in 30Day version.
2. Expand disk limit to 64.
3. when there is a classic theme with a dark window background fonts become unreadable.

1. Fully support WINDOWS 10.
2. Fix some bugs.

1.Can't see installed programs in control panel uninstall and change programs.
2. The splash screen interface may be slow to check for updates and not reflected for a long time due to server link problems.

1.Overwrite method of Native module in Core changed to ifdiff.
2. Block the customization option that appears by default when right-clicking on the toolbar.
3.I can't see the installed programs in the control panel uninstall live change program.
1.Add WIPE function.
1. Show the last error under NATIVE when the software is opened for the first time.

1.BCD and boot.INI support system disk without disk letter environment.
1.Support running in WINPE environment.
2. Add portable version.
1. Windows will warn about the risk of unsigned applications modifying the registry, improve the activation code recording method, not recorded in the registry.

1. 3119: ERR_FAT_CALC_DBR_INFO error code is reported when RESIZE/MOVE or COPY for FAT32 partitions with size smaller than FAT white paper specification.

1. When executing programs on Vista and above, the UAC request execution level is not requireAdministrator, but the default asInvoker.
2. If the starting size of a partition is smaller than the disk boundary, the partition will be recognized as unformatted and the debug version will assert it.
1. Add Convert MBR to GPT function.

1. There is a few seconds delay between the splash screen closing and the main interface opening when the virtual machine is disconnected.

1.Add Create/Delete/Format/Copy function.

1. The installation of non-admin account under XP failed.
1.Complete support for 512Byte/1K/2K/4K storage devices with various sector types.

Release date: 1/12/2014
1. Hide Active and Buy buttons for registered users.
2. Reduce the chance of ERR_NTFS_TOO_MANY_FRAGMENTS(4642) error code, not fixed at all.
3. XP and 2003 extended partition generated by the ERR_EXTEND_VOLUME error.
4. XP into the NATIVE delay interface of minor defects.
5. Fix the display of COMMIT window list under windows platform, so that it will not be misplaced under different DPI or font display.
6.The problem that the standard dialog box of windows OS native style cannot use the main interface style, for example, the standard dialog box under XP is still XP style, not the style of RESIZER itself.
7.RELOAD animation window fade out when the debugger catches the subtle handle exception, this exception has no effect on RELEASE version.

1.Resize the top Tip of Resize/Move window, adjust the size of the 2 cursor images above the Tip to make it more beautiful.
2. Adjust the Disk Map area of Resize/Move to make it more beautiful without changing the DPI.
3. Optimize the picture of COMMIT window to make it more clear, Toolbar plus FB follow me.
4. Optimize the arrangement of the BITMAP allocation algorithm RUNS to reduce the chances of STREAM length overflow.
5. Upgrade the serial number level algorithm.

1.Expand NTFS partition in 1 second for XP or above.
2. No reboot is needed to expand system partition for XP or above operating system.
3. Support 16T NTFS partition (default 4K cluster/GPT partition).
4. Fully support UEFI boot.


Release date: 11/15/2013

The version v1.1 was released

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2000(64bit & 32bit)
Hard Disk: 100 MB hard drive space min.
CPU: at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500 MHz.
RAM: 512MB system memory min.
Display Card: Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB RAM
SoundCard:Windows-compatible sound card
What else: A standard PC system with mouse, keyboard and color monitor.

Supported PC Operating Systems

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free/Pro: Windows 11/10/8/7/VISTA/XP/2000 32&64BITS

Supported File System and Disk - lastest IM-Magic Partition Resizer v3.2.0

Support GPT&MBR Disk

Support 16TB disk if GPT disk/Support 2TB disk if MBR disk
Full support SSD

NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Main Functions

1. Support resize any partition without data loss
2. Support FAT&NTFS file system
3. Support shrink partition
4. Support extend partition
5. Support reallocated disk partition
6. Support All levels of hardware figured RAID volumes
7. Format partition
8. Delet partition
9. Copy partition to unallocated free space
10. Create partition
11. Support Windows PC versions Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8.1 10

12. Portable Edition supported in paid editions like Resizer Pro, Resizer Server, Resizer Unlimited. - added in v2.3

13. Erase partition - added in v2.5

14. Fixed some bugs and Windows 64 bit independent exe - added in v 3.1.0

15. Bootable CD - added in v 3.2.0 paid edition

Note: Not support APPLE bootcamp partitions

Download Proper Editions of IM-Magic Partition Resizer

For Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free and IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro

For Windows Server All versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server (for Server and Unlimited Edition)