How to Extend System C Partition or any other Partitions

Resize c drive

IM-Magic Partition Resizer


  • 1. make free disk space - shrink large volume
  • 2. reallocate free disk space - move partitions to redistribute free space
  • 3. add free space to small partition - get c volume extended
extend c drive


In order to get a partition expanded, free disk space is required. This guide is telling you how to redistribute disk space from one partition to another without losing data.

Three Steps to Perform:

One: Find the large volume which has a lot of free space, and shrink this one to make free space

Two: Move the free disk space to the drive that needs to be expanded by moving other partitions safely

Three: Expand the volume - the System C drive for example

Video Tutorial: how to expand c drive

Photo Tutorial: how to produce free disk space and expand c drive

Step 1:
Right click the volume which you want to shrink, and go to "Resize/Move"

right click large disk drive

Step 2:
After clicking the "Resize/Move", you may shrink the volume when you see the double arrows to the left or right. And then you will see the free disk space.

shrink drive

Step 3:
When the free disk space in not on the side of the drive you want to expand, you need to move it to the drive by moving other drives in between. Here is to exchange the places of D and free space by moving volume D.

move drive d
move drive to right

Step 4:
And you will see the free disk space close to the boot drive. Get it expanded by right clicking the C drive.

extend c drive

Step 5:
Apply changes to get the drive extened.

apply changes

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